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FIBA keeps stand on verdict despite Boomer’s disapproval, says fans’ involvement in brawl ‘unpunishable’


By Mark Patriarca

Not only the players and coaching officials are being chased by the Australia Boomers as some of the bystanders who had their participation in brawl were left alone by the FIBA board and did not receive any sanctions.

According to a FIBA spokesman, FIBA disciplinary panel could only cite and hand out sanctions to those individuals who are members of a team’s delegation or accreditation holders such as officials or media members.

FIBA elaborated that the sanctions for the unsportsmanlike attitude of some spectators were already included in the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas fine of CHF 250,000 ( P13,422,184) for the reason of being unable to control the crowd.

FIBA also barred Philippines for one home game without spectators on a closed-door match against Qatar in the next window.

Some notable spectators who were missing on the list of FIBA was Peter Aguilar who threw a chair on Boomer’s Nathan Sobey, and Gilas reserve player Allein Maliksi who mauled Chris Goulding on the ground.

Basketball Australia, the basketball governing body of Australia, is also seeking for transparency with FIBA’s detailed report regarding the brawl which the latter is keeping confidential.