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Find out how Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrated first Super Bowl win


By Agence France-Presse

Joy descended into mayhem in Philadelphia Sunday night as ecstatic Eagles fans damaged shops, toppled light poles and even flipped a car during revelry following their team’s first Super Bowl win, local media reported.

Thousands of police officers had been deployed in anticipation, but although initial celebrations captured on television appeared good-natured, the preparations didn’t prevent scenes of chaos chronicled on social media.

One Twitter post showed a car flipped on its side in a jam-packed street — while users also documented the destruction of an awning at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which fans climbed on in order to launch themselves into the crowd below.

Local television station CBS3 reported that two poles in Center City had been toppled, leaving one person seriously injured.

Police had greased lamp posts and traffic light poles across the city with slippery hydraulic fluid earlier in the day in a bid to discourage climbers.

But the Philadelphia Inquirer, on its website, reported that numerous poles had been brought down and lights damaged.

The newspaper said windows were smashed at a Macy’s department store near City Hall, where people were spotted carrying away parts of window display mannequins.

Climbers were also seen scaling the City Hall gates — while police moved in after a group vandalized a gas station.

The raucous scenes followed the Eagles’ stunning 41-33 victory over the defending champion New England Patriots in the NFL’s championship showpiece in Minneapolis.

The triumph marked the first time a Philadelphia team had won a championship since the Phillies won the World Series in 2008 — when street celebrations devolved into looting and vandalism and more than 70 people were arrested. (AFP)