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Find Out LaVar Ball’s NBA GOAT


No, LaVar Ball did not consider himself as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) nor his sons.

Actually, LaVar just so happened to mention Michael Jordan as his GOAT since his son LaMelo Ball will be playing for his team, which is the Charlotte Hornets.

“The greatest of all-time, how do you measure that? You measure that by your victories and what you did in those victories. I ain’t taking about you got 12 rings and you’ve been on five different teams. I’m talking about a dude who went to the Finals who was the main guy six times in a row,” LaVar said on Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’.

“When you have losses on your record, you can’t be the greatest of all-time. That dude ain’t got no losses in the Finals. So it’s always going to be Michael Jordan until my boys succeed that, which is going to happen.”

For a guy who said that he could beat the six-time NBA champion in a one-on-one basketball game, it is surprising that he picked Jordan over LeBron James as the greatest of all time.

Still, this won’t be the last time that LaVar will be talked about involving MJ and LaMelo since he will also bring hype to the “Buzz City” as well.