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Find Out Who Has A Winning Record Over Three NBA Goats


There is one player who can boast that he has a winning record over NBA greats like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan — and it’s none other than Chauncey Billups.

According to u/ChefCurrySauce on Reddit, the Detroit Pistons legend is the only player in NBA history that has a superior win-loss record over LBJ, Kobe, and MJ.

“Billups’ record throughout his career was 6-4 vs Michael Jordan, 24-21 vs Kobe Bryant, and 22-17 vs LeBron James. He’s the only player in NBA history to register a winning record against all three,” according to u/ChefCurrySauce.

Only one player in NBA history has a winning record against Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant: Chauncey Billups from nba

“Mr. Big Shot” has been consistent in his performance and winning throughout his NBA career, and he also won one NBA championship and Finals MVP with the Detroit Pistons.