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Find out who is the 7-foot Ray Allen in NBA


The modern NBA has made centers step out of their comfort zone paint and shoot triples, and this NBA star sure is the face of that movement.

We all know that Minnesota Timberwolves stat Karl-Anthony Towns has been one of the league’s best big man shooter, if not, one of NBA’s best shooter this season.

According to u/KagsTheOneAndOnly on Reddit, Towns has been the “7-foot Ray Allen” since he just had the best 3-point shooting season by a center in NBA history.

“Taking into account volume and efficiency — he’s shot 41.2% from 3 on 7.9 attempts per game this season. (For reference, Klay Thompson, from 2015-2019, averaged 42.3% from 3 on 7.7 attempts per game.) The only players to shoot more accurately than Towns on at least as many attempts this year were Duncan Robinson (44.5%, 8.4) and Dāvis Bertāns (42.4%, 8.7),” according to the r/nbadiscussion.

“KAT’s shooting is in rarefied air.”

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