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Find Out Why Robert Bolick kneeled after workout


Kneeling is not Robert Bolick’s usual post-game routine.

However, the NorthPort Batang Pier had to take a kneel as a respect for Black-American George Floyd who was killed by one of Minnesota’s four police officers.

Bolick also recalled his father’s advise when he was still young, saying that he has to respect all people regardless of race.

PBA stars like Gabe Norwood, Sol Mercado, and Chris Ross expressed their appreciation to Bolick, since all of them have made a stand as part African-Americans.

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Ended my workout today by taking a knee. I remember when i was kid and i heard someone saying nigga on tv quickly i copied it and said it aloud not knowingly what it means. My dad he is in the airforce for 27 years stood up and told me don’t ever say that again, thats a derogatory word an insult to the black community he told me respect all race we are born differently some are lucky most are not. from then on I’ve never said it again. It all starts from our parents teaching us that all lives matter. All race should be respected. To all my friends competitors in the pba who’s black we support you the imports I’ve played with in college in the pros. All my best friend. We are behind you. For that i will pray for you. When we feel burdened by life’s problems, we just have to look at the stars. The stars remind us that when life is at it’s darkest, God’s light shines the most. ❤️ @cjayp7 @chrismross6 @gnorwood5 @abuevacalvinthebeast @tautuaa33 @stackpringlez @p33zus @donaldpierre @new11new @m3rcmywords @draylive @kellynabong33 @real_mateo

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