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Floyd Mayweather calls himself ‘best boxer’ over Muhammad Ali


Floyd Mayweather Jr. just declared himself as “the greatest” over boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

The “Money” has never been shy to brag his undefeated 50-0, which already has a place in boxing history.

Mayweather wasn’t happy with the fact that the fans have regardrd Ali as “the best of all-time” over him.

“I love Ali, but sitting on the ropes, taking punishment as far as doing a rope-a-dope – that’s not cool,” Mayweather said on ESPN. “I have to take my hat off to Ali, but I didn’t give this sport 40 years to say that there’s another fighter better than me. What I’m here to teach fighters is this: the name of the game is to hit and not get hit. It’s not about taking punishment.”

“He’s beat more world champions than any other fighter in a shorter time and less fights than any other fighter.”