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George St-Pierre v Conor McGregor will be the real deal


Just hours after scoring a marvelous comeback win, fans are demanding a fight between George St-Pierre and Conor McGregor.

A Twitter poll by long-time MMA junkie Josh Gross showed nearly half of fans want St-Pierre to fight Mcgregor over three other contenders.

The UK’s Daily Express reported that St-Pierre Gswas expected “to call out McGregor in the Octagon in an effort to tempt him back to UFC.”

McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh told Daily Star: “It would be great, I would love it,” Kavanagh told the Daily Star. I’m a GSP fan. I think he’s done great things.”

St-Pierre’s boxing coach Freddie Roach told ESPN: “McGregor is a cocky kid and he did OK in his fight against Floyd Mayweather. I would just say OK [to him fighting GSP]. would enjoy that fight and I would like to see that fight happens. It’s possible.”

McGregor won the lightweight title in UFC 205 last November. He has yet to defend his title after opting to fight for the big money in a loss to boxer Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor had predicted Michael Bisping would “whoop St-Pierre’s ass” in UFC 217. St-Pierre crushed Bisping with a rear naked choke in the blockbuster fight Saturday night in New York.