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Former Lakers president Magic Johnson still involved with the team


Though he resigned earlier this month as the team president of the Los Angeles Lakers, NBA legend Magic Johnson has never regretted that he left the team. In fact, he’s still in touch with the Lakers to help them in every way he could.

Johnson told TMZ Sports, “It’s almost like I never left.” He added, “I’m still talking to them every day. … I’m going to help them get the Lakers back right.”

He also revealed that superstar LeBron James was never the main reason why he stepped down. Johnson believes James will take the Lakers into the championship.

“I love LeBron and LeBron is going to lead us to a championship.”

Johnson also detailed that the team will get some superstars this summer. They will also need a new head coach as Luke Walton camps out. Johnson maintained that being the president didn’t make him happy anymore, so he quit.

“I was happier when I wasn’t the president. When you have to make trades, you’re not happy, when you like people. I think Luke is a good man. I like Luke a lot. So what we have different opinions about different things. That’s OK. My concern is my relationship with my sister, Jeanie Buss. That’s all I care about. All the rest of the stuff doesn’t matter.” (Janiel Abby Toralba)