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Former OKC teammates Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins ignite beef on Twitter”


Here is your first-ever Twitter beef this 2020.

This time, former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins were throwing shots against each other on Twitter.

It all started when the retired NBA big man expressed that current Rockets star Russell Westbrook is the best OKC player, even going far as calling him “Mr. Thunder”.

The 2014 MVP responded on Twitter by mentioning Perkins’ game averages during a certain series where OKC suffered a second-round exit without Westbrook.

The one-time NBA champ Perkins went on a blow when he called Durant’s move with the Golden State Warriors in 2016 as the “weakest move in NBA history”.

As always, the current Brooklyn Nets star had a clapback with Perkins by pointing out his lack of production during his playing days.

However, KD pointed out that their argument is only on a hoops standpoint, rather than a personal one.

NBA could be really a messy soap opera sometimes.