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Game postponement gave Kai Sotto much-needed rest, says 36ers coach CJ Bruton


The six-game postponements may have derailed the momentum of the Adelaide 36ers, but it was a great opportunity for Filipino center Kai Sotto heal up and rest.

According to 36ers head coach CJ Bruton, the postponements due to the rise of COVID-19 disease worked in their favor for injured players.

Sotto has missed four regular-season games due to knee soreness

“The seven days off our feet, I think, hurt a lot of our players when we were behind closed doors, but [Sotto has] definitely come back,” he said.

“And as he has all off-season and since I’ve been here, he has shown his ability to impact the game not only on the defensive end but also the offensive end.”

The 7-foot-3 center made his debut on December 18 in 36ers’ 93-67 loss against Cairns Taipans, where he posted one point, three rebounds, two assists, and two blocks in nine minutes and 50 seconds of play.

Still, Burton believes that Sotto will continue his development and he could provide a huge impact to the team.

“By being so big, he has the ability by being so big he can dominant around the rim in that role. I see it no differently coming into our next game as well,” he said.