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Gilbert Arenas weighs-in on KD-Perkins beef


The Kevin Durant-Kendrick Perkins beef got so controversial that Gilbert Arenas had to jump into it.

Known as “Agent Zero” during his playing years, Arenas posted a lengthy opinion on Instagram about his stand on KD-Perkins Twitter feud, and he obviously sided with KD.

From history lessons to KD’s free agency, the former All-Star guard defended his decision to join the Golden State Warriors.

In the end, Arenas had some choice of words for Perkins.

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@therealkendrickperkins everyone has there opinion about @easymoneysniper GS move and as a hooper u should have put more thought into what u said so I’ll give u an history lesson..2012 a young and upcoming okc team went to the finals being (inexperience) they lost to the HEAT…2013 the team didn’t succeed like they would have wanted.that summer OKC ownership made the dumbest move by not securing (harden) if u can put harden back.(KD/Russ/harden) was more powerful then (curry/klay/green) which later became the team too beat (GS 1 ring ) could have been Easily been (OKC 3 peat if harden never left) but let’s keep 2016 okc takes. 3-1 to GS and loses.cavs won the championship that season.KD is a free agent….here’s where short minded thinkers fail to realize @easymoneysniper had no choice..OKC was moving backwards in progress..NOW here’s why KD had no guys sit on tv with pushing rings and legacy down fans throats so KD is a free agent at 27 years old with a sheet that looks like this👀7 time all star.7 time all Nba…4 time scoring champ..1 time mvp..2 time allstar mvp.2 time gold medalists💯 there’s not 5 NBA players in history that can say they were FIRST BALLET HALL OF FAMERS by 27…the only thing needed as an individual player was (ring and finals mvp) now let’s take a look at opinions..only two teams that can give him those two boxes were GS and cavs who were the champs..being the champs cavs wasn’t making a move..actually like me say this better..CAVS being cheap asses wasn’t gonna sign KD (Dan Gilbert bought that team in 2005) the biggest outside free agent they have signed was @thereallhughes in 2005…that was 15 years ago…contracts has double since then and that’s still the biggest outside free agent signings 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️ so the only team that’s left was GS….as someone checking boxes off his nba career that was the smartest move he could have made💯I’m sorry Kendrick but everyone is not lucky enough to be a sorry ass rebuilding Boston team and bam bam two ex Boston players (Danny A and mchale) does a deal that makes u a u think u light skinned with ya chest out 😂 PS I agree with 99% of the stuff u spit tho 💯👌🏾

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