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#GohingToTravel: Lis goes to China


Ah, traveling. However with training, tournaments, and studies, volleyball players usually forego chances to travel.

That’s why some try to squeeze in leisure time while abroad training for upcoming tournaments. But more often, they take advantage of the off-season to do some well-deserved R&R.

Lis Gohing is doing just that. The PVL Open Conference’s best libero looks beautiful and stunning in her Guangzhou trip.

Ni hao! #AirAsiainGuangzhou #ChasingWonders #GohingToTravel @airasiafilipino

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Sums up my day! 🌟 #AirAsiainGuangzhou #ChasingWonder #GohingToTravel @airasiafilipino

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Safe travels and enjoy, Lis!