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Greg Slaughter drops truth bombs on contract, trade sabotage in Valentine’s message to haters


Greg Slaughter has nothing but love to all of his fans… as well as his haters.

Numerous rumors have been circulating on social media regarding the 7-foot tower’s sudden decision not to renew his expired contract with the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

Two speculations that stood out the most are Slaughter’s demand on his new contract and a trade which will send him to Northport — both of which were addressed on his “Valentine’s message”.

“There have been a lot of inaccurate theories going around about my recent decision, here are facts. 1) I never received any contract offer. It’s unfair to say I made demands when there was no offer. 2) I was never aware of any trade. Happy Valentines Day! #SpreadLoveNotHate,” the 31-year old wrote on Twitter.

Slaughter previously mentioned that the reason why he decided to take a break is to “get stronger” on basketball.