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“Gretch” Soltones Gets Involved on Bea-Gerald-Julia Issue


It’s not just “Tita Gretchen” Ho

After Gretchen Ho was ‘mistaken’ as actress Gretchen Barreto, who slammed her niece, Julia, as an alleged third party in the most talked about break-up of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, Grethcel Soltones was also dragged in the trend.

On Twitter, Soltones was asked by user @angelhebron on her reaction on the scandalous issue, “Tita Gretch, ano po masasabi ninyo sa ginawa ni Julia? @ladybeast05.”

To which Soltones answered back with, “Ang issue netong batang to 😂.”

Turns out, @angelhebron is a friend of Soltones who is just making light of the controversy.