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Gretchen Ho Reflects on Being an Influencer


With 1.7 million Instagram followers, Gretchen Ho is surely one of the most followed social media faces in the country.

Being an influencer, Ho stands for the responsibilities in playing a role that encourage and guides the youth. The volleyball star-turned-TV personality believed that a person should measure its self-worth, and must not stay contented on attracting numerous followers, likes, and views in social media.

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So much has been said of “influencers” of today. Many have come to hate the word because others have made it a career aspiration, instead of it being a consequence of one’s body of work. I think it tells us to think about three things — First, it tells us all about the transcendental power of social media. We all have “influence” now, whether we like it or not, through our online spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a few hundred followers, or millions. You, me, we, all can impact our “audiences” in a heartbeat. Second, we are asked to reflect on what kind of “influence” we want to impress upon the world. Yes, photos of ourselves get more likes, impressions & views, and I know this from experience, but should we be content with that? Nothing wrong with self-expression though. We all possess our own stories to tell. However, we should be mindful of the fact that the habits we cultivate, influence the life we live. If the camera is always turned on you, it’s easy to forget & miss out on so many other beautiful stories right in front of us. Third — are we going to be content with having numbers of likes, followers & views as metrics of success? The internet is so volatile — just like how fads & trends go — numbers change quickly, algorithms can be unpredictable, and what may be a hit now can be completely irrelevant tomorrow. Have you measured your self-worth vis-a-vis these numbers? How has social media changed your lifestyle? Has it helped you live a fuller life & grow in character? I always ask this to myself — when technology goes kaput, when suddenly Instagram, Facebook & Twitter close down, who am I going to be? And will I be happy with my answer? 🙂 #thoughts #reflectionwednesday #influencer #influencerlifestyle

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