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Gustong bugbugin si LeBron! Netizens react to LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart altercation


Malice at the Palace Part 2.

A bench-clearing altercation happened during the Lakers-Pistons game involving LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart, and social media went nuts over it.

To recall, the aforementioned players were both entangled during a rebound play when Stewart was sent crashing down on the floor after he was elbowed by James.

The elbow bloodied Stewart and also caused a melee instigated by the Pistons big man.

Stewart attempted to charge at the four-time MVP several times but was held by his coaches and teammates.

Both players were ejected after that incident.

After the game, fans were quick to make fun out of that hostile situation by generating memes on social media.

Even Kyle Kuzma was entertained with the James-Stewart clash.