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Gyra Barroga Says the Hardest Goodbye


When our cherished friend, buddy and fur baby is no longer in our lives, it can be really devastating.

We feel responsible for their care and welfare, but we all need to bid the hardest goodbye ever and eventually move forward.

On Instagram, Gyra Barroga says her long, emotional farewell to her pet, Theo. And we can truly say that her relationship to the cutie furball that she loved the most is so special.

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Last night, I already had a feeling that you would be leaving us soon. But I didn’t know you would be gone in less than 24 hours. No words can describe the pain of losing you, buddy. Can’t believe the first thing I heard this morning was that you already left us. I love you so so so so much, Theo. I’m going to miss your good morning kisses and pabuhats. I’m going to miss my how you let me know that you guard my bedroom door every night by splooting your body so loudly against it. I’m going to miss how you give me such a hard time whenever I take you out for walks, and how the excitement on your, tail wags and kulit times when I’m putting on your collar always makes up for it. I’m going to miss giving you baths and kisses to calm you down. I am going to miss saying “Check, Theo! Check!” whenever I’m afraid to get water and snacks at night and you would check the whole floor for cats or intruders because I’m always scared. I’m going to miss how you always intervene during my home trainings whenever I would scream in frustration and you would always go to me for cuddles. I am going to miss SO many things, baby. I’ll miss your presence most of all. I tried taking as much photos and videos of you as I could. And the last video here is when my heart broke when you limped away from me. You were the absolute best, Theo. Chase all the cats and rats that you can in doggie heaven. I love you. Rest easy.

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