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Handa Na Si Kai! TSF coach believes that Kai Sotto is NBA-ready


Kai Sotto made a huge strides on his game at The Skills Factory in US, which is why TSF coach Rob Johnson thinks that he could already hang with the big boys.

The NBA dream of the 7’2″ Filipino phenom is already within arms reach for him, as he signed with the G-League along with top-ranked prospect Jalen Green.

For Coach Rob, he is already convinced that Sotto is ready for the next stage.

“I believe the G League will be a great challenge for Kai. I believe he is prepared to play at that level,” Johnson told the Olympic Channel.

“He just needs to take advantage of the opportunities in front of him and continue to improve.”

According to Johnson, Sotto has put in all the work for him to improve drastically during his stint with TSF.

This is why he believes that the former Blue Eaglets will continue to get better as soon as he steps in the G-League.

“Kai has a great attitude about training, he is a gym rat. He loves finding out information to apply to his game and to help him improve,” Johnson said.

“Kai has great basketball IQ. He is easy to coach and understands instructions and concepts at a very high level,” he added.