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Heat or Lakers? Dwyane Wade answers Magic Johnson on his NBA Finals bet


Several fans have asked Dwyane Wade on which team he would root between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even the Los Angeles Lakers legend asked the former Miami Heat star whether he will pick the Lakers or Heat as his NBA Finals bet.

“The million dollar question is who will @DwyaneWade be cheering for?? His former team, the Heat, or his best friend LeBron James,” Johnson tweeted.

As much as Wade loves to root for his best friend/former Miami teammate LeBron James from the Lakers, he still chose to cheer for his former team.

D-Wade tweeted: “We call this a win/win but it’s #HeatNation over here!”

Wade and James’ history of friendship allowed the latter to bring his talent to the South Beach on 2010, where the duo superstar brought the Heat to four straight Finals appearance including two championships.

Still, Wade will always be considered a Heat legend, as he steered Miami to their first-ever NBA title in 2006.