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Heat’s Butler fined $35K, Pacers’ Warren $25K for NBA incident


Agence France-Presse

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler and Indiana Pacers guard T.J. Warren were fined $35,000 and $25,000 respectively on Friday by the NBA for an incident that had Butler circling the calendar for a rematch.

The punishments were imposed for a profanity-fueled altercation and aftermath from Miami’s 122-108 victory at Indiana on Wednesday.

After both men received technical fouls for a confrontation “in a hostile manner,” Warren committed an offensive foul on Butler with 6:22 remaining in the third quarter, a violation the league said it has upgraded to a Flagrant Foul One upon review.

The foul by Warren prompted Butler to call Warren “trash” and add in an obscenity for emphasis.

Butler then fouled Warren with a shoulder to the chest and Warren responded with a clap near the Heat star, a taunt resulting in a second technical foul and ejection for Warren, Butler blowing him a goodbye kiss as he departed.

That sparked an obscene gesture from Warren.

Butler escalated the dispute after the game, describing Warren as “soft” and “trash.”

“I would never put him on me ever again,” Butler said. “I’m going to tear his ass up every time. He’s trash.”

Butler then made an Instagram posting of the Heat’s schedule with their March 20 return date to Indianapolis circled and the message: “@t.warren1 don’t be mad you can’t guard me. we will see what you about in March.”

The league said it fined Warren for the altercation and making an obscene gesture while Butler was hit harder for the altercation and his social media posting.