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Help JC Intal pick an NBA team to support


Every year you promise yourself you’ll pick an NBA team, but just like JC Intal, you don’t quite manage to get around to it.

The Phoenix Fuel Masters playmaker took onto Instagram to help him decide which team to support in the upcoming NBA Finals. JC is torn between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers; the favorites from the western, and eastern conference.

In an Instagram post, the Phoenix cager posted the Warriors and Cavs jersey with a caption, “Left or right? 🏀 #NBAStorePH”

HisIG followers said their picks but others also pointed out that the Eastern and western finals is not yet over.

GSW has yet to sweep their Western finals opponent, the San Antonio Spurs, while Cleveland is still battling their Eastern conference opponent, Boston Celtics, with 2-1 win advantage.

Left or right? 🏀 #NBAStorePH

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