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‘He’s an ideal student-athlete’ Franz Pumaren defends Dawn Ochea from strange VisMin Cup game


Former Adamson head coach Franz Pumaren believes that ex-Soaring Falcon Dawn Ochea will never engage in any game-fixing activities.

Pumaren, who coached the Soaring Falcons from Season 79 to 82, had nothing but praises for Ochea’s character.

“In his batch, you can consider him as our choirboy because of his demeanor and attitude,” he said.

Ochea was one of the players from ARQ-Lapu-Lapu City Heroes that was involved in rhe controversial Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup match against the Siquijor Mystics, where he was seen flanking his three free throw attempts, two of which hitting the board.

Ochea was fined P15,000 and was suspended for the rest of the first round, along with teammates Jojo Tangkay, Reed Juntilla, Monbert Arong, and Ferdinand Lusdoc, while the “ambidextrous” Rendell Senining was suspended for the rest of the season.

Still, Pumaren stands firm on Ochea’s integrity by saying that he was an “ideal student athlete”.

“He’s a soft-spoken player and didn’t give us any problems,” he shared.