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Hindi Makakatagal si LeBron sa Octagon! – Colby Covington responds once again to bashers


UFC fighter Colby Covington continues to throw verbal barbs against LeBron James.

Covington, a Donald Trump supporter, first called James ‘spineless coward’ because of his activism. during his post-match press interview after beating Tyrone Woodley.

He then took on Twitter to follow up his public spat against the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

“LOL at the snowflakes that believe @KingJames could even last 10 seconds with me,” Covington tweeted.

Covington even referenced former LeBron’s teammate, Delonte West, who allegedly had an affair with James’ mother.

If that coward had the balls or the ability to kick anyone’s ass, Delonte West would’ve lost his teeth long before his meth habit