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Hindi Patas! Matt Ganuelas-Rosser airs grievance over outdated Fil-foreign rule


Matt Ganuelas-Rosser aired out his grievances after his younger brother Brandon didn’t make the cut for the 2020 PBA Rookie Draft due to the eligibility rule.

According to the Terrafirma forward, the said rule was “outdated” due to the fact that Brandon was still required by the league to still submit the necessary documents to prove his citizenship despite having a brother who is considered a “local” player and already a league-veteran for five years.

This prompted MGR to tweet out his opinion regarding the Fil-foreign rule.

“An outdated rule kept my brother Brandon out of this year’s draft,” Ganuelas-Rosser said.

“Brandon will have a future in this league, but I hope this can be an example of why we should amend some of these regulations. I believe the days of Fil-Shams are behind us.”

Unlike Matt who was born in Olongapo, Brandon was born in US after the family relocated outside the Philippines due to Mount Pinatubo eruption.

Brandon joins seven other Fil-foreign applicants namely Jason Brickman and Jeremiah Gray who were disqualified after failing to submit their citizenship papers in the March 5 deadline.