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Horn gets more motivation


“He probably thinks he’s coming to Brisbane to make an easy $10 million but he’s in for a shock.”

This was the reaction of Australian boxer Jeff Horn upon hearing reports that eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao is lagging behind in training.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Horn believe Pacquiao is still underestimating him, but that gives him more motivation to work hard for their scheduled 12-round battle.

“I’m hearing all the reports that Pacquiao looks terrible in sparring and that’s great,” Horn said. “All along I think he has been underestimating me. His mates would have been telling him for weeks that I’m not in the class of the guys he’s beaten and I hope they keep telling him that.”

Pacquiao and Horn fight on July 2 in Brisbane, Australia with the Filipino boxer-turned-politician’s WBO welterweight crown on the line.

Well-known trainer Freddie Roach is anticipating a knockout win for Pacquiao against Horn.

The 38-year-old Pacquiao hasn’t scored a knockout win in eight years, since stopping Miguel Cotto in November 2009. (Emile Rios)