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I-trade si Kyrie! Netizens trashes Kyrie Irving’s return as Sexton led Cavs to upset Nets’ ‘Big Three’


Collin Sexton had other plans on the debut of Brooklyn Nets’ “Big Three” of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forced the game into an overtime at 113-all after Irving was called for an offensive foul when he accidentally elbowed Sexton’s face while driving the basket.

The Cavs guard even stretched the game into a double overtime when he buried a game-tying triple against the defense of Irving.

Third overtime became Sexton’s game when he buried four three pointers to lead Cavs to a 147-135 upset over the Nets.

This was Irving’s first game after he missed seven straight games for “personal reasons”, and he was immediately trashed on social media.

Some netizens even want the former NBA champion to be traded.

Sexton finished the game with career-high 42 points, 22 of which came from two overtimes, while Kyrie collected 37 points for the Nets.