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Imports return for another tour of duty


Most of the imports that saw action in the 2017 Grand Prix have returned for another tour of duty for the Grand Prix this February.

F2’s one-two punch is back as Blonde Mamba Kennedy Bryan and M16 MJ Perez landed in the Philippines to resume training with the Cargo Movers.

Generika-Ayala’s imports Katerina Pilepic and Darlene Ramdin are hell bent on finishing stronger after last year’s performance.

On the Foton Tornadoes’ camp, libero Katarina Vukomanovic is the sole returnee. Dragana Perunicic is skipping the conference and Sara Klisura is transferring to Cocolife alongside Coach Moro.

Speaking of the Serbian Scoring Machine, she just flew in last night as per this tweet from the Asset Managers.

Did you feel a gust of wind the past few days? Hurricane Hurley just made landfall in the Philippines this week.

Exciting Grand Prix ahead!