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IN PHOTOS: Aby Maraño, Justine Tiu, Majoy Baron and Kim Dy in Boracay


After the 2019 PSL Grand Prix, volleybelles Aby Maraño, Justine Tiu, Major Baron, Kim Dy and Jose Maria Perez enjoyed the beauty of Boracay.

Majoy channels her inner model as she posed for a picture.

Kim also has her own pose in Boracay.

Still Beast Mode Don’t Care for Queen Swag herself, Aby Maraño.

Justine Tiu has her beach photo in Boracay.

Majoy didn’t miss the chance to take a picture with a treel.

Aby also has another pose, proving that they are more than volleyball players.

Kim, on the other hand, does the sakit-ulo pose.

Justine also did not let the chance pass as she enjoys the beauty of Boracay.