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IN PHOTOS: Different reactions of ‘Beast Mode Don’t Care’ queen Aby Maraño


Beast Mode Don’t Care queen Aby Maraño looks so serious when she is playing volleyball but people quickly forget that she is a happy person.

Aby is just stunning.

She channels her inner BMDC attitude during one of her trips.

Aby is the queen of Best Mode Don’t Care attitude.

But sorry, she already has a king in former San Beda King Lion Babes Bolick.

She can also look happy and sad at the same time.

Aby is happy wearing a Lakers jersey.

But she is happier wearing that La Salle jacket.

Tita mode: on.

She only does this when they are playing. Swear!

Nevertheless, Aby is beautiful inside out.

She is also has this positive energy which reverberates to everyone.

In this picture, Aby looks genuinely happy.