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IN PHOTOS: Sweetest photos of Carmela Tunay and Kim Fajardo


Kim Fajardo and Carmela Tunay inked their respective names in the volleyball world during their heydays. But together, they make one sweet, lovely couple. Check out this gallery for their sweetest pictures!

Kim Fajardo and Carmela Tunay have been in a relationship for so long.

School rivalry doesn’t matter to Kim and Mela.

Here’s a photo of younger Kim and Mela.

They are also a fan of four pictures in one image!

Here’s another proof of that.

Mela also wants to do the tongue-out post when she is with Kim.

She did it again this time!

They also got a chance to see a beautiful waterfall.

Kim and Mela also took pictures together with a wacky pose.

Fajardo plus Tunay equals FaTunay.

They also created a heart sign during one of their trips.

They also didn’t miss the chance to take a vacation!