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Indonesia 3-1 Philippines: Player Ratings


GBK Volley Indoor

2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games

Indonesia beats the Philippines, 25-20, 25-20, 24-26, 25-22.

Alyssa Valdez (out of 10) – 7

Valdez was greatly scouted by the Indonesian coaches but in her many time playing for the national team, but she slowly woke up when the team needed her.

It was her effort that extended the match into a fourth set.

Mika Reyes – 4

Though her towering height in the middle provided intimidation for the opponent, Reyes can’t attack the ball clearly. Her placement shots are well read.

Aby Maraño – 5

Despite scoring only three points, Maraño provided the swag and the leadership. Clearly, her swag inside and outside the court provided a little rejuvenation to these girls.

Jaja Santiago – 7

Jaja Santiago was the Valdez of the first and second set when the blockers of Indonesia consistently dig Valdez’s shots. Although in the latter part of the match, the coaching staff decided to play a smaller but faster lineup, Santiago still provides point when she came back in the latter part.

Cha Cruz – 5

Cha Cruz presence in the backrow helped the Philippines in digging the attacks of Indonesia. Her brilliance using the hands of the blocks for several times was just astonishing, despite her first time playing for the Philippines.

Kim Fajardo – 6

Miscommunications and missed receives were problems the Philippines faced in their match, but Fajardo’s brilliance and excellent setting ability proved to be the game changer. Although having a few errors, Fajardo didn’t only set the ball, but she contributed in the scoring department.

Maika Ortiz – 5

Despite her off-the-bench status, Ortiz provided the defense in the net. She led the team in the blocking department with three block points.

Kim Dy – 3

Dy is still struggling in this match. She only scored a point and can’t limit the attacks of Indonesia.

Mylene Paat – 5

The game changer of the Asian Games for the Philippines. Despite her late addition to the team, Paat provided head coach Shaq delos Santos an opportunity to rest Dy when she is struggling. Her tandem with Maika Ortiz and Mika Reyes at the net proved to be a different in the game.

Majoy Baron – 6

Baron’s presence in the net provided another attacker for Kim Fajardo. Her facial to the Indonesian libero will explain it all.

Jia Morado – 6

Despite her limited time playing in the court, Morado still got the connection to Valdez. She waved her magic wand when Fajardo needed to rest.