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Inisnab Ang Ring? Matt Barnes rejects Warriors championship tig


Barnes was a key bench piece on the Warriors’ 2017 NBA championship team, but he doesn’t consider himself a champion at all.

In fact, he never even picked up his championship ring because during the Warriors’ historic playoff run he was sidelined with ankle injury.

Which is why the former NBA journeyman gave the expensive memorabilia to someone else.

“That ring is still in — shoutout Raymond Ridder, the best media dude, mogul for the Golden State Warriors — that thing is sitting in his office. I don’t count that as a championship,” Barnes said on his “All the Smoke” podcast.

“I came in when [Kevin Durant] went down, playing a consistent 20-25 minutes, the game KD comes back, I get hurt maybe a week before the playoffs and I’m out of it,” he added.

“Worst ankle sprain of my life. I’m not healthy until the end of the second round when they’re already 8-0. So me being a vet knowing they’re not going to change the rotation, I’m not expecting them to change the rotation, I’m just going to sit here and be a super vet, cheer these mother f—-rs on, talk to people when they need to be talked to and just enjoy the ride.”

“I didn’t sweat. I wasn’t in the mother f–king dog hole with these dudes. I didn’t get to guard LeBron. I got a free ride, I got a free ring.”

Barnes was still a veteran presence when now-Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was absent during Warriors’ 16-1 playoff perfomance.