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Is Phoenix just a pit stop for Abueva?


By Mark Patriarca

Will Calvin just refill his tank at the Fuel Masters and eventually zoom off to another destination?

Back in July after ‘The Beast’ was suspended indefinitely by the Aces for not showing up on games and practices, which was deemed to be because of ‘family reasons’, a popular PBA insider in social media Buzzketball (@dbuzzketball) already mentioned that a particular player that has a ‘C’ on his name wants to be traded to another team with an initial of letter ‘G’.

Now that the ‘C’alvin Abueva trade pushed through, Dbuzz already confirmed that the popular athlete was indeed Abueva. But wait, Phoenix Fuel Masters seems to be missing the letter ‘G’. Is the rumor incorrect or maybe, another wave of interesting moves are about to unfold?

This cryptic tweet implies that Ginebra might be the last stop for 30-year old cager. Looking at the Kings lineup, there are aplenty blocks they can move to make ‘The Beast’s’ dream come to fruition.

Two players haven’t played for Ginebra. Art Dela Cruz and Julian Sargent. The guard position is also crowded with Scottie Thompson beginning to be a star for the Gin Kings. Sol Mercado and rookie Jett Manuel can be interesting assets for Phoenix. If the Fuel Masters is looking for gritty 3-4 guy, seldom used Aljon Mariano and three-point specialist Kevin Ferrer can be included in the mix. For bigs, Ginebra could also offer a solid package with Prince Caperal, Jervy Cruz and Raymond Aguilar.

Only time will tell what the future holds for ‘The Beast’.