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Ish Polvorosa Challenges, Inspires on His Concession


Conceding is a gracious way of congratulating the winner, and the sincerest form of acceptance.

SK Chairman and former Ateneo Blue Eagle Ish Polvorosa decided to gun for a councilor seat in Imus City to change the loca politics there. However, he fell short in an arena dominated by traditional politicians.

It’s might not be Polvorosa’s time yet to prove that he can be a leader in his hometown, but he started confronting the challenge head on, the day after a new set of leaders were proclaimed.

“And let us all convert the likes, shares and retweets into voices that’ll influence and inspire our generation. Let’s not stay inside the confines of the social media sphere. Go out, volunteer, educate, march and understand where your talking to’s coming from. Change can happen,” said Polvorosa on his tweet.