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Ish Polvorosa Weighs on Controversial PSL Call


Emotions came flying during the PSL game between Foton and the Cignal HD Spikers after the referee made a controversial call.

Apparently, the ‘bad call’ was against Cignal, wherein, the team made 4 touches with the ball during a block motion. The referee claimed that it was a violation since the ball had already landed in the head of a Cignal player during a block attempt.

However, Ish Polvorosa thinks that the call is not legitimate based on the FIVB rulebook saying that consecutive contacts with the ball may occur by one or more blockers, provided that the contacts are made during one action.

Another rule suggests that the ball may touch various parts of the body, provided that the contacts take place simultaneously.

How will you weigh in on this issue?

Do our referees need to take a little refresher on volleyball rules?