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Island-grabber kasi! Jason Webb to cheer for Gilas, not for China


Magnolia Hotshots assistant coach Jason Webb vowed to cheer for Gilas Pilipinas in the upcoming Fiba World Cup despite the national team’s very slim chances of winning.

Webb issued the statement after President Rodrigo Duterte himself said Gilas will surely lose to Italy in its group stage match on Aug. 31.

Even though he said Gilas will bury the Angolan national team alive, Duterte said people should just place their bets on China as it supposedly have a better chance of winning in the World Cup compare to the Filipinos.

“Wala, talo tayo, walang laban. Sa China na lang tayo magpusta,” Duterte said before Filipino-Chinese businessmen in Malacañang. “We will lose sa Italy. Ang lalalaki kaya ng mga gagong ‘yan,” he added.

But Webb refuses to cheer for China, who has been harshly criticized for claiming islands in the West Philippine Sea that are well within the country’s territory.

“I plan to cheer for our national athletes even if their chances of winning may be slim,” Webb said in a Twitter post.

“I also have no plans of cheering for a country stealing our land from us. Mabuhay ang atletang pinoy!”

Gilas Pilipinas’ begins its World Cup bid against Italy is set on August 31, Serbia on September 2 and Angola on September 4.