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Ja Morant responds to journalist who chose Zion Williamson for Rookie of the Year


Ja Morant finished the Rookie of the Year with 99 votes out of 100, and this one personnel who did not vote for him explained himself on Twitter.

After the Memphis Grizzlies guard demanded an explanation, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Joe Cowley revealed why he voted for New Orleans Pelicans’ forward Zion Williamson, who happened to be ahead of Morant in the 2018 NBA Draft as the first overall pick.

“Ja is a transcendent player- no arguing that. But the ROTY should go to the most impactful,” Cowley said. “The NBA built a TV schedule around Zion and expanded a bubble for Zion. His 24 games were must-see TV.”

Instead of holding a grudge, Morant responded Cowley in a friendly manner on Twitter.

While Zion was spectacular in his 24 games with the Pelicans, Morant almost led the Grizzlies in the playoffs in full seasons on his shoulder.