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Jaja Santiago Sends the Sweetest Shoutout to Maika Ortiz


Abu is so lucky. Aww!

But if we look at their smiles, both Maika Ortiz and Jaja Santiago are just so lucky in love with each other.

On Instagram, Santiago shared her deepest feelings for Abu, which turned out to be a public confession of L-O-V-E saying, “Bilib ako sa effort at pag aadjust mo palagi saakin. Maraming maraming salamat love. Bawi ako sayo promise! Nandito lang ako palagi para sayo. Susuka pero di susuko, diba? I love you so much love!”

We’re not crying… *sniffs*… YOU ARE!

Jaja Santiago on Instagram: “Appreciation post to my Abu! Alam ko na di na tayo nakakapag spend ng quality time together. Busy dito, busy doon. Gusto ko pang na malaman…”