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Jarin and Byrd’s mini-altercation during late game just a misunderstanding


The De La Salle Green Archers were on its way to an emphatic victory against the NU Bulldogs.

With the Green Archers already putting up the finishing touches at 83-60 within the last 1:23 in the clock, La Salle active consultant decided to call a timeout.

That last timeout did not sit well for NU head coach Jamike Jarin, as he stormed out against Byrd to let him know what he has done.

“Who wouldn’t be angry? It is unwritten ethics, right?” Jarin said.

This unofficial custom in basketball has always been followed whenever the game has already decided.

Byrd and Jarin had to be restrained by their assistant coaches just to prevent any further altercations.

“Everybody knows that. Not only in basketball. I don’t know what his intentions were. I think he just wanted to field in (players),” Jarin added.

The former D-League coach aired his side regarding the unnecessary timeout that he called.

“My best player (Justine Baltazar) was cramping up the whole game and was getting fouled the whole game. He had to come out of the game,” he explained.

“I respect all of the coaches of this league. Made no disrespect. I apologized to coach and that’s all it was.”

Jarin would then accept his apology right after that incident.

“He apologized, so you have to, ano ‘di ba? We’re all human. I have no problems with that. He apologized, I accept that.”

At least everything is good between Jarin and Byrd.