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Jarin wants to ‘step back’ as NU coach


Is this the last time we’ll see Jamike Jarin calling the shots for NU Bulldogs?

Looks like that’s going to be case.

For the third straight season, NU has failed to book a Final Four spot, and Season 82 proved to be the team’s worst finish in a decade

“I’m the head coach of this program for the past three years and I’m not making any excuses. It wasn’t fruitful,” said Jarin after NU’s 77-79 defeat against UE in their last game on Wednesday.

Jarin has established himself as a winning coach after leading Ateneo Blue Eaglets to four UAAP juniors’ championship and San Beda to the NCAA men’s title in 2016.

He then jumpshipped to NU after Eric Altamirano vacated the coaching spot in 2017.

“Life was promising on the first year. Second year was getting to know you because we had so many players come in and it was a totally new lineup last year. But it was just unfortunate that this year, we just couldn’t get it together, too many close games,” Jarin shared.

“We had chances at the start. We even had chances in the second round but we weren’t able to get the wins. So I take full responsibility for that.”

Instead of recalling what went wrong to NU on why they finished dead last this time with the young squad, Jarin was accountable for their downfall.

“I can give you 1,000 excuses, 1,000 reasons, but I’m not that type of guy,” he stated.

What’s next for Jarin after three uneventful season? This was his answer.

“I’ve been going for 21 straight years. Maybe it’s time for me to step back a little,

“If you’re asking me what’s next for coach Jamike, I’m going trick or treating.”

“As of the moment, I’m not coaching anymore and I feel like the three years were enough to offer.”