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Jem Ferrer clarifies disinformation about Perlas Spikers


Perlas Spikers team captain Jem Ferrer denies breach of health protocols during their Baguio camp as eight players and a coach tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement signed by Ferrer, she stated that “In light of all the misinformation circulating in social media and the news about my team’s situation here in Baguio I would like to clarify the following: We are not billeted in Teacher’s Camp. The only places that we go to apart from our accommodation are our court training venue and our gym training.”

She also pointed out that, “…with regard to the news that we snuck out of Teacher’s Camp that is 1,000% not true because number 1, we are not staying there, and number 2, in our accommodation there is a CCTV that monitors us 24/7 and that can prove that we do not go out of our gates except for court training and gym training as mentioned earlier.”