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Jerrick Ahanmisi and Sean Manganti want to take down La Salle


After a 78-79 loss against La Salle on Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena, Adamson’s Jerrick Ahanmisi and Sean Manganti left the locker room almost teary-eyed.

It wasn’t just a regular game for Adamson – aside from suffering a second straight loss from the overtime, they have still yet to beat La Salle in seven games ever since Franz Pumaren took over the coaching duties.

“We should’ve won, obviously, but, it was just little mistakes that we made toward the end that we shouldn’t have made,” the Adamson top scorer explained.

Adamson was up by five, until Santi Santillan buried a triple and Aljun Melecio threw a game-tying floater to send the game into overtime.

La Salle would score nine unanswered points in the extra period, as Adamson succumbed once again despite Ahanmisi and Manganti’s late effort.

“We really shot ourselves in the foot. We lost that game,” said the Adamson team captain. “La Salle didn’t beat us. We beat ourselves.”

Luckily, the Soaring Falcons still have the chance to exact revenge against La Salle in the second round, which is why both gunners want to take them down this time.

“I just wanna beat them next time we play them,” Ahanmisi said. “We’re just gonna prepare for it and gonna do everything we can to beat them next round.”

“I wanna beat them so bad. They’re number one on my list, I think they know that. This one hurts, but the only positive that came out is it’s only the first round,” Manganti agreed.