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Jia Morado Takes Notes of Events Today for #Halalan2022


Notes for future reference, Filipino voters.

On Twitter, a frustrated Julia Morado requested her followers to remember all the things that are happening during this COVID-19 pandemic – and ask yourselves, reflect, and never forget the incompetence and abuse of power that the Filipinos have to bear.

“TAKE NOTE of all the issues happening now in this pandemic. How did our elected leaders react and perform in this crisis? How were they performing even before this crisis? Who stayed true to their word? Who didn’t? Who accepted accountability? Who didn’t,” says Morado on Twitter.

In a second tweet, the Creamline star also questioned, “Who displayed the transparency of a true leader? Who didn’t? Who acted as a true representative of the people’s needs and opinions? Who didn’t? TAKE NOTE. To those who “didn’t,” never again.

See you at the polls. #Halalan2022”