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Jimmy Butler not happy with 76ers’ play


Following the defeat of the Philadelphia 76ers to the Chicago Bulls 107-108 today (Manila time) at the United Center Arena, forward Jimmy Butler was visibly upset towards the end of the game and his dismayed complaint was loud enough to be heard by their own coach Brett Brown.

After Zach LaVine’s ultimate winning blow, the 76ers were seen leaving the court in their presumed loss only to be called back as 0.5 seconds were put back on the clock. When the team came back, Butler’s frustrations were clearly said.

“We better draw up a f***ing play if we do,” Butler reportedly yelled, per 670 The Score.

The game’s decisive bucket was the result of a defensive lapse when Butler and Mike Scott both followed Robin Lopez, thus opening a lane for LaVine’s go-ahead layup. Later in front of the media, Butler blamed himself for the miscommunication that surrendered the 76ers’ lead in the final moments of the game.

“I think I should have just fought through the screen, stay with my man,” Butler said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I think a lot of that’s on me, I gotta take that, I think I gotta just be better on the defensive end.”

Now, while it’s debatable whether it’s the coaching staff’s fault for not making clear the defensive plays or the team’s many committed errors prior to the quarter that led them to the conclusive predicament, Butler taking responsibility and demanding better of himself is actually commendable. Though the bad loss brought them to a 41-24 win-loss record, Butler’s competitive spirit is one of the reasons why Philadelphia remains at the 4th seed of the Eastern Conference. (Janiel Abby Toralba)