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Jio Jalalon remain unfazed by trade rumors


Jio Jalalon is quite aware that his name has been circulating in trade talks for the past few days.

Reports came through that the Cagayan De Oro baller will be involved in a three-team deal that will eventually land him in Barangay Ginebra.

Incidentally, Jalalon and the rest of the Magnolia Hotshots went on a classic battle against Ginebra on Sunday.

When asked about the trade talks, the Arellano Chiefs standout simply dismissed it and insisted that his goal is to help Magnolia reach the quarterfinals.

“Di ko kailangan isipin ‘yun,” Jalalon said who finished the game with six points, four assists, and three rebounds.

Magnolia currently has a 3-4 record after a 83-105 beating they received against Ginebra, and it’ll be a tough road for them to enter the playoffs.

“Sana maka-bounce back kami. May chance pa naman kami, may four games left pa. So sana makuha namin para makapasok kami kahit quarterfinals, tapos trabahuhin namin,” Jalalon shared.