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Josh Villanueva and Ish Polvorosa address gay issue


A curious netizen asked Ish Polvorosa if there’s awkwardness within the Cignal HD Spikers having gay and straight players.

Polvorosa shared a photo of the Cignal Men’s Volleyball team’s swimming escapade. However, a Twitter handle “GandangGino” questioned the player:

“Buti walang ilangan sa team ninyo kahit may mga gay at straight na players?”

Polvorosa and Josh Villanueva came into defense saying there’s no ‘ilangan’ in the team as they treat each other as brothers and family. They also pointed out that their sexuality has nothing to do with the netizen’s business.

Villanueva slams the said commenter for thinking maliciously. He also claimed that the Twitter user has no right to say or confirm their sexual preferences.

“GandangGino” later replied that it was just an honest question and there’s no assumption on his part — because Polvorosa has been openly gay all this time.