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JV Gallego gets full support from NU teammates and coaches


None of the players from NU Bulldogs received the blame from their recent downfall against UP last Sunday – not even JV Gallego.

Down by just one with 7.6 seconds left after the Ildefonso scored five straight buckets, the Bulldogs had the chance to steal the win after both Jun Manzo and Javi Gomez De Liaño missed their crucial free-throws.

However, Gallego kicked it out to Dave Ildefonso once he drove all the way inside the basket instead of attempting a game-winning shot, and unfortunately for him, the time had already expired before Ildefonso managed to touch the basketball.

From that moment, Gallego was left weeping after the buzzer, although his teammates quickly consoled him.

“Sad pero alam kong nandiyan teammates ko,” Gallego said.

Also, NU head coach Jamike Jarin did not call out his rookie player for his decision, saying that it’s all part of the game.

“He saw that Dave was free and he had a chance to win it, but hey, all of us make mistakes. That’s the part of the growth of everybody,” quipped Jarin .

Before his sudden breakdown, Gallego rose to the occasion when their primary playmaker, Enzo Joson, was struggling throughout the match.

“Kailangang mag-step up eh. Yung starting point guard namin si Enzo medyo wala siya, so pagkabunot sa akin ni coach [Jarin] talaga ready lang dapat,” explained Gallego who had 13 points and four assists.

Being sad and disappointed after committing a costly error was inevitable for Gallego, but he plans to bounce back and continue his great performance the next game, since his teammates got his back whatever happens.

“Heads up lang. Actually, pagka-buzzer, nakita niyo naman na iiyak talaga ako, pero lahat sila, pumunta sa akin,” he confessed.

“Nandun sila lahat kaya sobrang laking tulong for me. Sana, tuloy-tuloy lang ‘tong performance ko.”