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Kahit bakunado, nagkakasakit pa rin! Bradley Beal doubts the effect of COVID-19 vaccine


Although almost 90 percent of the NBA players have already been vaccinated, there are still some players who refused to take the shot — and one of them is Bradley Beal.

Beal, who wasn’t able to join Team USA in Tokyo Olympics after testing positive from COVID-19, didn’t want to take the vaccine due to “personal reasons”.

The Washington Wizards superstar even explained that people who are already vaccinated still acquire the COVID-19 virus.

“I would ask the question to those who are getting vaccinated ‘why are you still getting COVID?,” Beal said on Media Day.

Beal could potentially miss out a significant amount of games with the Wizards, since the league and other cities in US have a strict protocol regarding unvaccinated players.

While Beal made a point that some vaccinated people are still getting infected by the Delta Variant, the good thing about the shots is that it prevents them from experiencing severe symptoms brought by COVID-19.

It’s important to do your research and get vaccinated whenever you can!