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Kai Sotto is Proud Filipino


NBA prospect Kai Sotto may be miles away from home, but he is still proud to be a Filipino anywhere he goes.

Sotto just proved it on his Instagram in which he remembered the 122nd Independence day of the Philippines.

“Happy Independence Day,” the 7-foot-2 Sotto said while also uploading a picture of his Batang Gilas stint.

He even promised to represent the country well, and so far, his dream of being the first-ever homegrown full-blooded Filipino to make it to the NBA is already within arms reach.

“I promise to do all I can to represent you well ❤ #proudpinoy,” Sotto added.

Sotto, who is the first international prospect to play in NBA G-League, will have to wait for the developmental league to resume as soon as the COVID-19 outbreak is over.